Herbal Water

Herbal Water


Ayurveda praises the combination of  below  herb’s usage for balancing Vata, Pitta, Kapha & overall well being of human health and it has been adopted in ‘Satvam’ Herbal Drinking Water.

USHIRA: Ushira is used for its natural thirst quenching effect. It is very much useful for balancing excessive sweating in the human body. It keeps the body cool. It is also well known for its fungicidal and bactericidal properties.

NUTGRASS: Improves digestive system, removes worms, cures the infection and purifies the blood. It normalizes the women’s menstrual problems and maintains normal body temperature. It is considered as the best herb for treating any type of fever. The root is often used for developing high memory. Nutgrass is beneficial in treating cough and asthma. The herb harmonizes liver, spleen and pancreas.

AMLA: The Indian gooseberry is one of the best herbs can be consumed on daily basis without any side effects. Amla strengthens heart muscles and is a remedy for heart problems & It helps a lot in improving appetite & useful in improving eyesight.

SARSAPARILLA: It is also called as Nannari / Sariva, has marked for its antifungal activity. It mainly contains amyrins, sterols and lupeol which are used as immune increasing agents. Also in the ayurvedic therapeutics, it is mainly used as an appetizer.

CORIANDER: It is called as ‘Herb of Happiness’. In India coriander was a remedy for constipation and insomnia, it promotes fertility in women. Cooling effects of coriander is useful in summer & it is one of the best dietary diuretics. It subsides the occurrence of cough. It helps to alleviate fever and thirst.

GINGER: It is best known for improving digestive health. It has a long history in herbal medicine for general tummy aches in kids and adults. Historically it has been used as a carminative (anti-gas). It is effective for the treatment of heart disease, migraines, stroke, colds, chronic fatigue, flu, coughs, depression, dizziness, fever, erectile difficulties, infertility, kidney stones etc.

CLOVES: Cloves are widely recognized all over the world for their medicinal and culinary qualities. The active principles in the clove are known to have antioxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, warming and soothing & carminative properties. The spice contains health benefitting essential oils such as eugenol. It helps to relieve indigestion and constipation problems. The spice also contains a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and magnesium also.

CARDAMOM: It is known for improving digestion and thereby appetite, relieving thirst, acidity, flatulence, nausea, stomach cramps if any. It is famed for improving the circulation to the lungs, helps to subside different respiratory allergies, asthma/ bronchitis, urinary tract infections.